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A quick check of my realtors rental vacancy time list showed Metro with the best rate. My previous manager was personable but didn't do so well renting my place. Metro performed. My hat is off, and I am grateful.

– L. Jensen

Quite helpful being an overseas landlord.

– A. Kaler

I like the consistency of your monthly emails and account statements. I know when to always expect them.

– C. Hogge

All of the members have been helpful. I can't single one out.

– J. Gallo

Very responsive and answer all my questions. They give me the impression that they're interested in helping me.

– M. Wilson

Online accounting system - email communications are convenient!

– D. Brubeck

I have been with Metro since 2005. Overall I've been very happy with Metro's Services.!

– Ameen B.

Having Metropolitan Real Estate manage the house while I live out of state has been extremely helpful and has taken almost all of the stress associated with owning a rental home off of my shoulders. Thank you!

– David A.

Improving Year over Year!

– Robert B.

The services are excellent.

– Charles L.

After my experience with the last company, your company has been a great improvement!

– Elaine K.
Phoenix Property Management

Preserving Your Assets
Many clients that have purchased properties through Metropolitan turn to the company to help nurture and grow their investment. Metropolitan recognizes that even the best purchase can turn out poorly if the property is not properly maintained and rental income isn’t maximized. Metropolitan’s Property Management Division is experienced in doing both. Maximum attention is paid to the maintenance and repair of our investor’s assets. Metropolitan is able to negotiate favorable pricing due to its large client base. Dedicated in-house leasing agents enable Metropolitan to rent client’s properties quickly and profitably.

Selling When The Time Is Right
Just as buying at the right price is critical, so too is selling at the right time. Sell too soon and you miss more profits or wait too long and you may see your profits disappear. Picking the right time is always difficult but Metropolitan helps make it a little easier. Through careful attention to trends and the Phoenix market, Metropolitan is able to keep its clients up to date on just where they stand. Metropolitan takes pride in giving its clients honest unbiased advice upon which to base their disposition decisions.